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Weight: 985 grams
MSRP: $70
#172 out of 244 Tires
Brand: e*thirteen
Roll fast, and corner faster with e*thirteen's SEMI-SLICK tire. Speed doesn't always have to come at the cost of traction. We say, "Have your cake, and eat it too."

The tightly-spaced, straight-stacked center knobs provide low surface resistance without reducing traction in heavy braking or climbing situations. Angled sipes soften the side knobs for predictable traction, without allowing the tire to "squirm" or roll under heavy cornering. Finally, directional sipes benefit braking and cornering, without sacrificing durability.

Available in a single ply TRS casing, a single ply LG1 EN casing with Apex, and a dual ply LG1 DH casing with Apex.

RACE compounds feature soft, tacky cornering knobs and with a longer-wearing center-tread compound. PLUS compounds utilize the longer-wearing compound across the entire surface of the tire, with an even harder base compound to further wear characteristics, without sacrificing traction.

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