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MSRP: $2,295
#297 out of 418 Full suspension bikes
Brand: Ellsworth
The most versatile bike in our line up, the Moment which features 6" of travel will see some changes in 2007. It has moved to the new swaged, tapered and shaped proprietary tubeset of its brethren. It will also see the asymmetrical chainstay all of which will lighten and strengthen this blaster. The Moment is remarkable because it can be built up as a 28lb trail bike or converted to a light freeride bike in the same afternoon. We love this bike and predict that it will shortly move past many of the other designs by virtue of its sheer flexibility of design. Look for the Moment on the podium this year with the Maxxis Pro Downhill team steered by April Lawyer, Cameron Cole, and Luke Strobel.

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