Drift Innovation HD Ghost

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  • Glenn B

    They are a great unit and solid as. If you only want to shoot 1080p then this is a great option.

    A solid robust unit, I've had one for over 7 years now and it still runs great. The biggest advantage of the Drift range is that the camera lens is rotatable, then means you don't have to compromise with the mounting position like you do with a GoPro etc. Plus its a much smaller front on profile than a GoPro, so its less drag and less likely to catch on branches etc. It has all the features as standard that were optional extras of the GoPro of its day.

    Its old now and the footage quality is lagging behind todays cameras with no 2 or 4K

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  • CallumW

    Has advantages and disadvantages over a GoPro, but is a nice camera overall. Won't change angle like a GoPro going down a downhill bomb, and has similar specs, but doesn't look as good on a computer, and is larger.

    Small, light, black camera that has great specs. Mounts really well on helmets, much better than a GoPro. Massive gorilla glass screen for live video feed, which really helps with setting up a shot. The lens is adjustable to any angle, so that you can mount on a 37° angle.

    Larger than a gopro and the underwater video looks worse than a GoPro.

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