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Brand: Diamondback

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Q: I hear a lot of talk about Yeti, Santacruz, etc... in an apples to apples comparison, how would the 2017 diamondback mission 2 compare to a seemingly equal bike from other more popular choices?

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  • petzsport

    I've ridden the whole enchilada in Moab and the hardest downhill courses on big sky resort. This beast keeps up with the full dh bikes on runs, it's got everything you need and youve still got the dropper post and gear train for climbing. I feel like Diamondback is an untold secret for bikes.cheap enough that you don't go broke ( especially if you've got expertcity)

    Lots of travel in front and rear
    Dropper post
    1x11 gear train


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  • redserpente

    This bike is amazing for the price I paid for it ($1900 with change). The component spec is something you'd find on a much higher priced bike from other manufacturers, and the whole package has beautiful performance right out of the box after the initial setup. I converted my tires to tubeless fairly easily using the pretaped wheels and valve stems included with the bike. The bike geometry is perfect for the kind of riding I do, which is a different trail and terrain type every time. This bike eats up rock gardens, climbs, descents, rooty trails, and drops with no problems. It's a bit tough to pedal uphill because of the weight, but the downhills are where this bike really shines, where you can just point it and go wherever you want, letting the suspension do its magic. The dropper is very useful for trails with constant elevation changes as well. Overall, I'm incredibly happy with this bike, and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a high performing FS bike for a much lower price than other manufacturers.

    -The ability to go anywhere and ride any trail
    -Frame geo is modern and plows over everything with the slack head angle
    -Great part spec for the price
    -Comes with a good dropper post, with southpaw remote switch
    -Fork and shock are just a step below the top performing components for a fraction of the price
    -Tubeless conversion possible straight out of the box

    -Heavyweight bike (32 lbs)
    -Gear shifting feels a little heavier than other groupsets

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  • Seaoly

    absolutely- this bike is rad

    160 mm travel both ends; hugs fast corners like a dream, climbs surprisingly well. Love this bike-balanced and fun to ride, I like the looks of it too. So damn glad I bought this bike!

    nothing so far

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  • forbinn

    really fun bike to ride. highly recommend you overlook the diamondback name, bypass that urge to overpay for a name you see in every bike mag, and ride a bike that is made to do it all. point it and go--up or down. give it the gas and it will roll over absolutely anything in your way.

    BOTTOM LINE - the bike rocks - ride it, demo it, buy it - you don't ever need to overpay again.

    great value, suspension is smooooth and strong, pedals well, climbs well, downhill is butter, handles quickly


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  • DiamondDave

    This bike is fun to ride, saved enough money to buy my mission and all my accessories all under $3000, love the suspension design. No pedal feedback, good climbing capabilities. You won't be dissapointed. Just pedals over everything!

    Amazing value, Great supsension design, climbs well for all-mtn, Goes downhill very fast w/ great control/ handling


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