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Brand: Diamondback

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Q: hpw does iot handle climbing
A: It handles pretty well. The fork suspension is just above cheapest where the lockout function seems to work pretty well. The hook, model just below line, I wouldn't recommend. I own both but my wife has the hook. They are perfect for our Alaska neighborhood with some hills and kids in tow. But the line is much better for climbing.

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  • Zekes

    First of all, let's get the bad stuff out of the way. The chain guide/tensioner that comes with this bike is is a piece of garbage. Your chain is guaranteed to fall off on every ride. Solution: Buy a Raceface narrow wide chainring and remove the plastic chain guide tensioner. Problem solved. Also, square taper bottom brackets are fine, but seems kinda cheap of DB to have this on a 2017 rig. Finally, thru-axle hubs would have been nice, but not a big deal.

    Positives- This bike just flies down technical single track. It's stable but agile at the same time. It gives you a ton of confidence. Maybe too much. This hardtail can basically go where full-suspension bikes go with no drama at all. It's like a full sus in disguise. Also, the Tektro Hydraulic brakes are surprisingly good. But then again, I only weigh 155 lbs. I thought that the Suntour XCR Fork would be junk, but it's not that bad. I'll be upgrading soon though to a Raidon Air Fork and a KS dropper seat post. The 9 speed SRAM drivetrain is great. I actually prefer this over 10 or 11 speed on an MTB. Set it and forget it. Finally, I really like the wide handlebars on my medium size. Another reviewer said it was too wide, but I disagree. If so, they can easily be cut down.
    Over-all this an awesome bike and worth every penny.

    Great geometry- Slack front end, tight in the back. Fun and fast

    Garbage chain tensioner/guide

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  • fshrmnboy

    This is my entry level mountain bike and I couldn't be happier (for the most part)! It is solid and ready to take to the trails right out of the store. I have yet to see any flaws on this bike when it comes to riding and I have been to most of the trails in the Cleveland area. I am confident it can handle anyplace that I am comfortable taking it to (mind you I consider myself to be intermediate rider). I love the 27.5 wheels, 1 X setup, and hydraulic disc brakes. All that paired up with the frame geometry and you got yourself the perfect bike that makes all types of riding a blast.

    With that being said I do have some minor complaints about the bike or at least things that need improvement. First off the straight head tube was a bad design flaw. Its 2016 and straight forks are really becoming a rarity anymore so you are limited to upgrades on suspension. So to anyone looking at this bike just make sure you are aware of this before purchase. If I would have more knowledgeable before buying this bike I would have POSSIBLY considered either saving up and upgrading to the sync'r model or shaved more cost and went down to the hook model.

    The other things I don't care for, BUT EXPECT on a bike at this price point are some of the components.
    1) would be nice to have had 10-11 spd (but again at this price point you have to expect budget cuts somewhere)
    2) square taper cranks, nothing says cheap bike like square taper cranks
    3) chainguide is cheap and looses chain often, just eliminate this with a narrow wide chainring
    4) On a medium size frame the handlebars are way to wide (but some may like that about this bike)

    All of this I didn't really mind because what fun is riding a stock bike anyways. I ended up replacing or eliminating most of the bad stuff anyways.

    So my final thoughts about this bike are that with few upgrades its one heck of a fun bike to tear up the trails on. And for an intermediate rider (like myself) this just might be the only mtb that I will need for the rest of my life.

    Progressive Geometry
    Light weight
    Good Price Point
    1X setup
    Hydraulic Brakes

    non tapered head tube
    square taper cranks
    cheap chain guide

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    • mjfreund

      If you put an external bottom cup on the Line, you can run tapered forks. It may require a little bit of adjustment to get the cup to sit just right but the effort is worth it in the end. Just make sure you have a reasonably long stem on the tapered fork!

    • Jeremy Dance

      As a beginner who just recently made the decision to buy the line as well, could you tell me more about specifically what you upgraded? I'm interested in making the same upgrades.

  • theruns

    Excellent bike if you are just getting into mountain biking and want to do a little bit of everything from singletrack to mild downhill type stuff!

    Excellent trail rider
    Progressive geometry
    1X Gearing
    Very "tossable"

    Some components kinda cheap feeling (Chain guide, cranks)

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