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Q: are the 2.3 vertical tyres any good on tarmac?

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  • zephxiii

    I used these for a short period during the spring, they did the trick.

    Confidence inspiring. No problems with them.

    heavy, not the fastest rolling tire.
    Could be updated.

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  • dralbright

    I bought this tire to help me in the sandy conditions of the Front Range of Colorado, thinking that the larger centre knobs would help me get through the looser patches. It delivered instantly, giving great grip on the flats and in the corners.

    I then moved to the UK, and I was a bit nervous about using it in the mud. I thought it might get packed with mud and lose traction, but it performs just as well here as it did in the sand. In fact, in really muddy conditions, it outperforms many of the tires that the native UK riders in my group use.

    Update: when it gets REALLY, REALLY muddy, this tire gets packed up and turns into a slick. But by the time it gets that muddy, most tires will be having problems.

    Sticks in corners

    High rolling resistance

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  • dingdangit

    I considered myself a brake rider until I got this tire. I have used Spec. Captn for the last year and have a new 2.2 Specialized Captain on the rear and want to throw it out and get another Vertical.

    corners great, cheap

    wish they made it wider

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  • yellowXtrek

    (Rear Tire) This tire will hook up in any condition. From dry dust,leaves and pine straw to wet roots. Each knob is five sided making more angles available for traction. I can't wait for my front Bontrager tire to wear out to put this one on.

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  • Juan_Gear

    Long lasting. Predictible slide front or rear

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