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  • micwhiskey

    I'd riden an Airborne Seeker 29er and Roscoe 8. I wanted something in the 600-800 range.

    I tried Giant Talon 3, Cannondale Trail 7, Roscoe 6, Cannondale Cujo 3, and Salsa Timberjack.

    I loved the 27.5 on the Roscoe but it felt bulky and sluggish. The Talon was good but I didn't like the wide bars. The Trail was ok and cheapest at $650 (@LBS). I really liked the Timberjack 29er, but the price was a bit much.
    I saw the Cujo 3 and was impressed. After a few spins I knew it was the bike.

    It combined the 27.5 with nibble handling (unlike Roscoe imho) and at $829 last year model discount I was pleased to support my LBS.

    27.5 tires give grip and extra cushion. I also feel the let me get away with more mistakes, which is a huge plus, I've not riden MTB in over 15 years!

    Shifting is good & the clutch really tightens things up when needed

    I love the 1x10. First time I started in the lowest gear I popped a wheelie due to the torque

    The bike felt lighter than other 27.5 bikes I've riden

    It handles well while urban freeriding (jumping, stairs, etc.). I'll post more after I hit the trails

    No dropper seat post. This would be nice but I'll also pull a wee ride copilot with this bike and a dropper would not have worked.

    Coil suspension - not as good as air, I get it, but the Cujo felt solid, no issues

    External cables - not a big deal, just not pretty

    Color - the neon yellow is ugly as sin, but I don't notice it while riding. I guess I'll be more visible

    The shifter was obstructing to much of the handle at first. It was much better after I moved it in.

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