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Brand: Cannondale

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  • oweng

    I would only buy this bike if you understand that you will probably have to upgrade to a more aggressive model within a year at least assuming you progress beyond beginner trails. This bike is great for a commuter that can handle some off road, If you do want to get into mountain biking I would recomend upgrading tires at the least, If you want to ride this bike for a long time I would say upgrade the drivetrain, fork, and brakes. Those upgrades would improve the bike drastically and make it more suited to off road.

    Pretty good for deciding weather or not to get into mountain biking, very affordable. It was the bike that allowed me to fall in love with the sport, so for that I give it high marks.

    First off the components are seriously inadequate, the fork is TERRIBLE. It is very noisy and not very enjoyable to ride. the three by drive train is not suited well to beginners craving simplicity. It is heavy!!! Tires are very skinny and not puncture resistant. I never have taken a ride on this bike that I didn't brake something. Overall the bike is ok for nature paths and beginner trails but is can't take much beyond that. It is not very confidence inspiring for beginners which is what you want in a 400 dollar bike.

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  • NathanYoung

    I have logged 600 miles on this bike, mostly gravel grinding and singletrack. I bought this bike to see if I was serious about mountain biking. It has served it's purpose and has performed well for the price of the bike. It is paramount that price is factored into this review. For the money, this is a great bike to get if you need to figure out if trail riding is something you want to pursue as a hobby.

    Simple Mechanics, Affordable

    Nothing out of the ordinary for this price. Plastic brake levers, Plastic pedals, brakes aren't great, fork isn't good, fairly heavy for a hardtail. Nothing is terrible though

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