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Brand: Bontrager

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  • ediblefrog

    I would not recommend this tire to any one

    Cheap tire that came with my Trek

    No grip
    easy flats

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  • dozzerboy

    These are great commuter tires. But that is about it. These things wash out of trails and the rubber compound is just too hard for any real off-road use. However, that translates to long life and slow wear. If you are looking for a pair of inexpensive tires for that old commuter mountain bike of yours, you have found them.

    Hard Compound rubber
    Tread design
    thick sidewalls

    steel bead

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  • JacksPerson

    This tire gets used mostly on rolling single track that does not have any technical climbs and snowmobile double track. They are on a spare bike that I let friends use which means its going to be a pretty basic day of flatter riding. This is all because This tire does not perform at its peak in the rough, wet, root filled New England single track and slips off most roots. It does seem to do pretty well on rocks however and I have yet to see a flat from this tire..

    - it looks cool on a bike
    - not a heavy tire comparatively
    - good rolling tire
    - seems durable so far

    - does not shed mud well
    - does not grip as well as a lot of other tires I have used

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  • DavidPeckjr

    This tire worked very good on the singletrack. Some slippage while climbing steep stuff however it is a very fast rolling tire. I had no problem leaving it on the front. Even though I did replace the rear with a Cinder.

    Rolled great on the singletrack and pavement.

    No so good in the mud, but by looking at the tread, I think you can figure that out.

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