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Brand: Bontrager
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  • Chris Chirco

    These came stock on my Trek Fuel EX 5 27.5 Plus. I had them set up for tubeless when the bike came in (thanks Trek for including the Tubeless kit with the bike along with tubes!) and they were great for the couple of months or so. Once I got a couple hundred miles on them, they started cutting on top when I would go over sharp-ish rocks. None of the cuts were caused by glass or thorns that I could see. The Stans wouldn't seal the cuts either. I also burped the rear tire a couple times and it wouldn't seal from that either. Thankfully I carried the tubes that came with the bike so I wasn't stranded.

    Climbs great
    Pretty fast
    Great grip

    Several punctures
    Kind of heavy

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  • No1InParticular

    As with all fat tires, you need to get the pressure on these right, but once you do, they keep you rolling and with near limitless traction whenever you need it, which is pretty cool.

    Crazy traction, pretty quick rolling

    Not great at mud/snow shedding, bouncy if your pressure isn't just right

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