Schwinn Schwinn MP21 Aluminum Pro Mountain Bike Review

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Q: I have one of these bikes. I have never seen a seat post like the Suntour included with the bike. Can you explain how the seat post works? The binder bolt appears as part of the seat post. -Guest

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on Feb 14, 2018
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February 14, 2018
Model/Year: 1990 Schwinn MP21 Aluminum Pro Series

Pros: Bike is light, maneuverable, and fast. Good for light trail use as well as commuting, always a plus. Unique design and quality components make this a very fun ride. Internally routed cables make it sleek and quiet.

Cons: Frames on these bikes are notorious for snapping at the head tube. Rigid front fork will absolutely wreck your forearms, wrists, and hands on any rough trails. Rim brakes are not the best, slowing from highspeeds during wet conditions is nothing less than terrifying.

Recommendation: Highly recommend this bicycle, if you can find one in good condition. They were only made in 1990, and as mentioned above, many of these left the world years ago due to broken frames. Super fun bike. It is fast, quiet, lightweight, and just a super cool design.