Shimano Nexus Inter-3 (3-speed) Geared Hub Review

4.00 out of 5
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November 20, 2007
Pros: - Reliability - Durability - Coaster Brake

Cons: - Not easily serviced by the user. - First gear isn't low enough, especially without a granny-gear chainring. - Mediocre power coaster brake - Weight (2-1/2lbs or 1120 grams)

Recommendation: This geared hub is a good choice for a mountainbiker looking to turn his/her vintage Schwinn or Columbia into an off-road klunker. The Nexus 3spd hub is relatively inexpensive, and will afford multiple gear choices on a bike that is unable to mount a standard derailleur. However, while it is lighter than other quality geared hubs, it still adds a bit of weight to the wheel. The comparable SRAM 3spd hub w/ coaster brake weighs in at 1390g, or 3lbs. The coaster brake is also not as powerful those found on a single-speed hub. It does the job, but will not lock the wheel up. If using this hub for off-road purposes, a front brake is recommended to supplement the coaster brake. For on-road (cruiser) bikes, this hub is nearly perfect, as weight & stopping considerations are a lot less pressing. For either purpose, the low gear is still not low enough for anything but tiny inclines. For off-road use, multiple chainrings are recommended for versatility and increased climbing power, especially if being fitted to a vintage klunker.