Trek 2016 Trek Top Fuel 8 Mountain Bike Review

5.00 out of 5
Weight: 13 grams
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June 7, 2017
Model/Year: 2016

Pros: Good trail bike except as noted in Cons. Fast, firm suspension, lively handling 29er. Reasonable weight 29.3 lbs with pedals, water bottle cage, 2.35 tire, ergonomic grips. Good value on sale $2150

Cons: A nervous handful on rough high speed descents. This is a cross country bike, not their fuel ex trail bike with less travel.

Recommendation: A firm pedaling mountain bike better suited for fast and flowy. Lively handling 29er, almost feels like a 27.5

May 29, 2017
Model/Year: 2016

Pros: Amazing all around bike. Dependable and durable. In its price range nothing else touches it.

Cons: My girlfriend hates it. She thinks I love it more than her.

Recommendation: Bang for the buck the best mountain bike in single track.

July 24, 2016
Pros: Not a professional although this bike definitely is. Boosted my confidence 10 fold. This bike along with my tubeless tires gave me a new perspective on trail riding . A

Cons: So far I haven't had any complaints...

Recommendation: Gave a whole new level of confidence. I love this bike!!!! Worth every penny....

March 15, 2016
Model/Year: 2016 Top Fuel 8

Pros: Fast, climbs well, descends like a train on rails, great control, versatile, clean lines, great geometry...

Cons: Will add when I find one!

Recommendation: I have had many bikes and this one takes the cake! I am a better more confident rider on this bike! Id rather hammer out a climb than drop off the side but I am more comfortable now with this bike. Improving on my times on every descent I attack.