The purpose of the group is to share ideas, promotional opportunities/discounts and offer reciprocal membership. More riders discovering Long Island is inevitable. The Northeast is filled with riders that travel regularly to ride - why not collaborate and get everyone a good deal while obtaining more support for all of the trails? The goal is simple - to encourage more support for our trails in a way that CLIMB, and other organizations, can use once non-residents have traveled back home. As of January 1st the following organizations are in the network:

VMBA - Vermont Mountain Biking Association - (Phase 1)
NYCMTB - New York City Mountain Bike Association
JORBA - Jersey Off Road Bike Association
Barkeater Trails Alliance - Lake Placid
SMBA - Saratoga Mountain Bike Association
MH&T - Maine Huts & Trails

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New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Maine
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  • Owen Corso

    This looks the same as CLIMB, is there a reason why it's listed as a separate club?

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