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Southern New Hampshire
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  • Caio Poletti Romano

    Folks in the region of Keene, Concord, and Manchester. Kroka Expedition is about to start their bikepacking trips for teens. They will have courses for kids from 11 to 18 years old and any level. They are offer scholarships, especially for students from the area. Check the website if you would like more info. Thanks!

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    • zahnny59

      There are plenty of multi use trails in Pelham NH. I would suggest Merriam Cutter or Peabody Town Forest for starters. Maps on town web under Parks and Rec Dept/conservation areas. They are updating the website to include the new GPS maps which are also at each property with a QR to download map on your phone. I volunteer with the Pelham Forestry Committee to help maintain these awesome trails.