The New IMBA Local Program: What Mountain Bike Advocacy Organizations Need to Know

After nearly 30 years, IMBA is no longer a membership-based association moving forward. Instead, membership now resides at the local level, and IMBA has introduced a new system to connect with local mountain bike advocacy organizations, called “IMBA Local.” This article provides an analysis of the different Local levels, the Services that IMBA is providing, and whether or not IMBA Local is a good deal for your mountain bike club.

Is the IMBA Chapter Program Right for Your Club? Analyzing the Pros and Cons

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) has been evaluating all aspects of its chapter program since losing its Subaru sponsorship last May. Chapters have been involved in the process through discussions, surveys, and conference calls since November’s World Summit. Recently IMBA announced changes to the program, “Chapter 3.0 Elements,” and hopes to have the new …