Eco Ferial

Eco Ferial is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Ponce, Puerto Rico. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Eco Ferial bike trail in Ponce.

Los Tubos

The first 2-3 miles are roots and limestone. The trail progress is more sandy soil. After a full drop you will see the beautiful beach. The trail has speedy sections and small drops. Also, a small section for kids.

Moca Mtb Trail

This is a fairly new trail. It’s turning out to be one of the most popular trails in Puerto Rico. It’s very well maintained super clean single track.

Minillas MTB Trail

Bien Tecnico

Moca MTB Trail

All singletrack

Salinas Gravity Park

Gravity trails shuttled with vehicles. Gravity Fest location.

Carrera Reto al Coqui

Carrera Reto al Coqui is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Carrera Reto al Coqui bike trail in Santa Isabel.

San German MTB PARK

Single tracks mountains,beaurtiful views

100 de La Parguera endurance MTB Race

100 of Parguera is an endurance MTB race. The participants may chose to ride on the competitive 100 km race or the recreational 50 km ride.

Aibonito MTB Trail

The trail is a singletrack with steep climbs and fun descents. There is an area with technical switchbacks. The best feature of the trial is the temperature, it is not hot so the trail can be ride at any time during the day (if it is not wet)

Monte Verde MTB Trail

Monte Verde is a singletrack composed of infinite short ascents and descents with several drops. Some of these drops cross bridges on top of a stream. At the end of the descents/drops there’s usually a 90 degree turn or a switchback.

Los Pozos y Refugio de Aves

Is a Fire Road Trail, not technical.

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