Trepada Musa – La Molina

Its more a training route to enable you to be a better climber and splinter. The route is a constant climb from the start varying in its slope degree. I starts developing from Miraflores distric following pavement/asphalted roads until you reach Cerro Centinela. From then on the route combines fire roads and pavement stages until …


400m of vertical descents. Can be shuttled. Popular mountain biking area located on land owned by the cement plant.

Morro Solar

Four choices for the descent. Copa Downhill race has been held here. Many riders choose to shuttle.This area may be crime-prone.

Experts Pick the Best Mountain Bike Trails in the World, By Country

Best Mountain Bike Trails in the World

Singletracks has spilled gallons of digital ink ranking, categorizing, and highlighting some of the best mountain bike trails in the USA, but what about the rest of the world? We decided to consult with a number of mountain bike travel experts from across the globe to get recommendations for the best, must-ride trails and destinations in more than a …

Sacred Valley Downhill

The trail is very amazing, you can enjoy technical zones and of beautiful views in the steps. Sometimes you will look incas architecture so, You will have a little time for the pictures…

Limatambo DH

This ride combines farmers trails with the main Inca trial that descends to the Inca site of Tarawasi. Amazing descent following ancient trails.


Inkas Adventures was the first to ride that trail with a bike back in 2007. After a few runs, we set the actual trail that follows ancient trails down the mountain until it reaches the village of Ollantaytambo.

Moray/Salt Mines

The first section is a 9 kilometer route of gentle up and down single track through farmland and views of the Urubamba glacier range. After arrival at the Salt Mines, ride the remaining several kilometers down some technically Intermediate singletrack. The trail is originally a hiking trail and there are only portions that are singletrack. …

Inca Downhill

Epic pure downhill run. The ride begins at nearly 16,000 ft and descends nearly 6,000 ft. This route is the site of the Inca Avalanche race held annually. Armor and full-face helmets are highly recommended, as there are fairly technical sections that will punish riders that take a spill. Worth a trip to Peru to …

El Lucumo

The trail is long and crosses two chains of mountains. It has a lot of climbing and not too much downhill because it’s fast. The first section you will pass a dessert and then you will start riding in the mountains. It’s a long but fun climb and that area of El Lucumo is a …