Brave Peak Bike Park

Brave Peak Bike Park is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Hangzhou, China. View maps, videos, photos, and reviews of Brave Peak Bike Park bike trail in Hangzhou.

Tai O Ancient Trail

This is a half-paved, half single-track popular trail to Tai-O. The single-track portion is quite tough because the trail is rough and was designed for hikers. Tai-O is popular because it still looks like an old fashioned fishing village complete with all the houses on stilts. The views are very nice and after the noise …

Project X

Good moderately technical climb. Can be ridden by a solid intermediate rider but to make it all the way up without putting a foot down will challenge the skill and stamina of even stronger riders. Pretty consistent climb that switches back on the side of a mountain that overlooks lamma channel, one of the most …

Wutong Mountain- Butterfly Trail

This is one burly downhill. The mountain is 3000 feet up and the trail is rocky, technical and steep. Plenty of rock gardens on the decent.