New Front and Rear-Specific Fat Bike Tires from 45NRTH

Flowbeist (front) left, Dunderbeist (rear) right.

45NRTH showed off their latest fat bike tires at Frostbike this past weekend, the Flowbeist and Dunderbeist, and what’s interesting about these two is that they’re front- and rear-specific fat bike tires that are optimized for riding groomed fat bike trails. And unlike many fat bike tires on the market today, 45NRTH designed both tires …

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Review: Nokian Extreme 294 Studded Tires: Winter Riding Without the Fat Bike Price?

The Nokians' tread design does an excellent job of evacuating snow and ice

Way up north in Alaska, we’re experiencing what’s considered a “mild” winter, meaning that temperatures are hovering around 10º Fahrenheit and this snow is less than 11 inches deep. This is in contrast to the typical Alaskan winter, where the mercury spends most of its time firmly below zero and accumulation is measured in feet. …

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