45NRTH Launches 3 New Extreme Cold Weather Cycling Boots: Japanther, Updated Wolvehammer, and Wolfgar

45nrth_boots - 3

Fat biking has grown quickly, but it seems like apparel and other related gear has been slow to keep up with the extreme conditions these new bikes are built to handle. 45NRTH is one of the few companies that’s leading the way in offering mountain biking gear built to withstand extremely cold weather, and this …

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Video: Montanus–The Cold Vein


MONTANUS – The COLD VEIN from MONTANUS on Vimeo. The call of the mountain is even stronger during winter, when the snow breaks the tree-tops and the cold weather freezes the bones. During this time, when most people put their bike to rest, an adventure between two Italian buddies began. They aimed to search for the COLD …

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Review: Hincapie Soigner Jacket

2015-03-27 soigner

Cycling apparel can be split into two different categories: one category of gear will draw wide-eyed stares and will have mothers covering their childrens’ eyes if you wear it anytime you’re off the bike, and the other category will blend into normal, everyday life and serve many purposes. Thankfully, more and more mountain biking gear, such …

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How to Fat Bike in the Snow with Kiddos

Riding on sidewalks with 1-2 inches of soft powder is a perfect way to get out and enjoy fat biking with your kids and get some excercise

Winter is almost over, but spring conditions in certain parts of the country are a great time to get the kids out for some last minute snow adventures since it is generally warmer. It is also a great alternative activity for families who travel to the mountains for spring break, but don’t have the legs …

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A Mini-Guide to Fat Biking Durango, Colorado

Snow bikers of all abilities enjoy La Plata Canyon's frozen goodness.

In the bike-crazy town of Durango, Colorado, cycling is a year-round endeavor. Not surprisingly, the area’s fat bikers have access to a wealth of squishy goodness. Because of Durango’s unique location, sandwiched between the high desert and lofty mountain peaks, temperatures can swing greatly over the course of a day, so it’s important to choose …

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Taking the Kids Ice Biking: Adventures While Bike Commuting During a Wisconsin Winter

burley time

One of my responsibilities as a work from home dad is picking up my kids from school every day. We’re a one-car family and my wife needs the vehicle for work, so that leaves me with a great excuse to ride my bicycle! Here in northern Wisconsin, we sometimes have kind of intense weather. Wisconsin …

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