The Maloja SeverinM Fleece MTB Jersey is the Burrito of Winter Shirts

The Maloja SeverinM mountain bike jersey is made from fleece with a high collar that keeps the wind out when it's up, and lets air in when unbuttoned.

Winter is the time to bring your good riding gear together. Temperatures and humidity vary daily in many parts of the world, and having a spectrum of clothes to layer when you head into the forest will render the cold season more enjoyable.

The folks at Maloja asked me to check out one of their fancy fleece layers designed for winter riding, the SeverinM Fleece, and I was happy to accept. For anyone who likes to ride in a favorite flannel, or generally prefers not looking like a pro bike racer on every ride, this is a cozy piece to add to the collection. I liken this sort of gear to the comfort of eating whole meals on long rides, like burritos or leftover pizza. This fleece is the burrito of winter shirts.

The SeverinM Fleece fits tight enough to keep it from flapping around, yet loose enough for comfort when you’re off the saddle, dancing on the pedals. Worn as a layer under a rain jacket, or as a standalone warm shirt, it works well for rides under 60° F (15.5° C). The collar can be folded down, with the buttons as open as you like, or you can snug it against your neck on colder outings.

Like any fleece, the jersey is made from polyester, but unlike the competition, Maloja uses 100% recycled polyester. Recycling petroleum-based fabrics is a practice I can get behind.

One right-handed breast pocket is just large enough for a lift pass and a small candy bar, or if you pack most of your gear on your bike, the pocket makes for a handy place to store a debit card or cash. You know, for buying burritos during the ride.

Price $119 (€89)

We would like to thank Maloja for sending over this jersey for review.