YEP Components Updates The Uptimizer MTB Dropper Post With a Fully User-Serviceable Cartridge

YEP Components reportedly has the only mountain bike dropper post cartridge on the market that can be maintained rather than replaced, and it's widely adjustable to boot.

Swiss based YEP Components has recently redesigned their innovative dropper post to be 100% serviceable on the customer end, with tools that any home mechanic has on hand. The small brand saw a need to simplify the service and rebuild process for their dropper posts in order to keep clients riding rather than waiting for their post in the post. They reportedly have the only dropper cartridge on the market that can be maintained rather than replaced.

I recently had a chance to test the post in Tuscany. Its up-down action is notably light and fast. Photo: Rupert Fowler

Nearly every last component of the Uptimizer V3 dropper and Joystyick remote is made in Italy or Switzerland, and all posts are assembled in the Italian-speaking region of the Swiss Confederation.

Above you can see the post’s cartridge that customers can disassemble, clean, re-lube, and bleed without shipping it off to a shop or throwing away the cartridge in place of a new one like most modern posts. This is all possible because the cartridge doesn’t use pressurized gas like other sealed systems. The post can also be bled with the included syringe without removing it from the bike, and air pressure can be adjusted without removing the saddle.

• Mechanical actuation, internal cable routing
• External air valve
• Travel options: 80, 100, 125, 155, and 185mm
• Diameter: 30.9 or 31.6mm
• Eight color options
• Weight from 498 to 585g depending on length, + 27g remote
• Price: €420 with remote, syringe kit, tokens, travel reducers, and accessories

In addition to serviceability, the functionality of the Uptimizer V3 is fully customizable. It comes with a set of travel reducers to dial in the proper length for your frame and legs, and a set of volume spacers that can make the post resistance more progressive as it sinks into the seattube. Additionally, users can change the internal oil weight to speed up or slow down the return speed. With all of these variables, the Uptimizer is well designed for discerning dropper users.

The main seal collar comes in eight different colors, as does the tip of the Joystick handlebar remote. The Joystick can be actuated by moving the lever in any direction, which means that it can be mounted in any position riders prefer. In the typical under-bar spot it’s easily reached with a thumb while seated or with your trigger finger from a standing position. This multi-directional movement also makes the lever less likely to break in a crash, since it can move almost any way the ground or rocks force it.

The post has a classic two-bolt head and driveside air valve to change the pressure without removing the saddle.

Uptimizer V3 posts will be available on the YEP Components website beginning March 15th.