Specialized Adds New Sticky, T9 Tire Compound to MTB Line

Specialized has a newly designed rubber compound on offer called T9, promising increased grip and improved rebound qualities for mountain bike tires.

We recently tested the Specialized Enduro, with its massive 29x 2.6″ Butcher tread at the helm. It’s fair to say that the famous frame designers know how to shape a solid tire that pairs well with their race-winning bikes. Today Specialized has a newly designed rubber compound on offer, with increased grip and improved rebound qualities.

Specialized says that the T9 compound is their softest and stickiest yet, providing traction for their elite-level sponsored athletes who push the limits far beyond those of us who have to show up to work on Monday with two useable hands.

The focus of T9 was not only on the grip but rebound speed and plasticity. A tire that rebounds too fast eliminates traction, and the engineers and chemists set about creating an ideal rebound with the T9 that will absorb vibrations and chatter well and maintain maximum grip, all while rebounding fast enough to provide a consistent and natural ride character.

For folks who want all the grip in turns, and speed in straight lines, Specialized also has a dual-compound option with their harder T7 compound at the center and a pair of T9 shoulder rows. The dual-compound is available on the Eliminator tire with a Grid Gravity casing, while the new T9 rubber alone is available on the Butcher in both Grid Gravity and Grid Trail casings. The mud-chucking Hillbilly tire comes wrapped in T9 with the Grid Gravity casing.

All of the newly-formulated treads are available in 27.5″ and 29″ diameters, with 2.3″ or 2.6″ widths, at you local Specialized dealer.