Santa Cruz Bicycles Endorses the STC as an Advocacy Organization

Santa Cruz Bicycles has added the Sustainable Trails Coalition to a list of advocacy organizations the company supports.

Photo: Santa Cruz Bicycles

While the quest to open some Wilderness trails to mountain bikes might seem like an obvious benefit to the mountain bike industry, the Sustainable Trails Coalition (STC) has failed to bring major corporate sponsors on board. That might slowly be changing, as Santa Cruz Bicycles has endorsed the STC as one of its advocacy partners.

At this time, no announcements of corporate donations to the STC have been made public, but Santa Cruz has a long history of supporting mountain bike advocacy. For instance, in 2016, Santa Cruz Bicycles donated $500,000 for mountain bike trail construction in the San Vincente Redwoods near Santa Cruz.

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The STC is far from the only advocacy organization on Santa Cruz’s list. The company also lists the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, Stafford Lake Bike Park, NorCal High School Cycling League, Trans-Cascadia, Central Oregon Trail Alliance, Northwest Trail Alliance, Team Dirt, and IMBA among the organizations they support.

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