New Oakley Clear Collection Aims for Optical Clarity and Safety

Even on cloudy days and when riding low-light trails, mountain bikers need eye protection to protect from debris and the wind. Oakley has a new set of clear lenses created to offer clarity and safety on the trail.

Oakley claims that the clear lens offers High Definition Optics to shield your eyes while it “eliminates distortion to give you clearer, sharper, and more accurate vision. ” The clear shields are also prepared to take a hit. The brand says, “Oakley lens material and frame geometry combinations are designed and tested to provide protection against high velocity and select products are tested to also provide protection against high mass impact.”

The Clear Lens Collection comes in two different performance shapes, and a lifestyle frame for home or work safety.

The new Clear Collection glasses are available now, priced from $95.20 to $109.20 on and