New Company, New Bike – The Eminent Haste

The newest bike brand on the block -- Eminent Cycles -- launches with an all-new enduro bike named the Haste.

The Haste is a new enduro bike from a new company – Eminent Cycles (photo: Eminent)

Eminent Cycles is the newest bike company on the block. The founders of the company, Jeff Soncrant and Kevin Sigismondo, worked for industry heavyweights like Easton, Giro, and 100%.

Their first bike — the Haste — is aimed at the enduro crowd with 160mm of rear travel and 170mm up front. A quick look over the geometry chart shows numbers on par with bikes in roughly the same category — the Yeti SB6 and Santa Cruz Nomad, for instance.

image: Eminent

Eminent claims they started with a clean slate to “create a new four-bar suspension design that’s stiff, transfers your energy into instant acceleration, climbs and descends well, and simply performs great as an overall package.” However, looking at the suspension design, it appears very similar to the decades-old Lawwill system. Either way, the Haste has both a floating shock and rear brake mount which should prevent braking forces from affecting the suspension. One of the compromises Eminent made in choosing this design is that dropper post gets routed through the top tube. It’s a pretty clean setup with a post like the Fox Transfer, but certainly not as tidy as stealth routing.

The Haste shows up nearly ready to ride (photo: Eminent)

The Haste is sold direct to consumer and shows up tuned and nearly ready to ride. All that’s left for the rider to do is install the handlebar and front wheel. Even the most novice of mechanics should be riding within minutes.

Eminent offers three complete build packages ranging from $5,100 to $6,600, although their bike builder allows you to customize various components to your liking.