There has never really been a mountain bike movie like this before. And it may be a long time before anyone else can capture a wisp of the feeling Life Cycles has captured. Derek Frankowski and Ryan Gibb, the creators of this masterpiece, have my respect.

Life Cycles exhibits a paradigm shift in the way mountain bike movies are made. Every scene offers an explosion of color, a lack of color, a thought provoking idea, and then it’s visually stunning again. The cinematography is truly awesome.

But that’s not all that Life Cycles is about. Depending upon your stage in life and what experiences you have had, you relate to the movie in different ways. Growing up around bikes my entire life, I totally get the story–almost as if the movie was playing what someone had read in my mind.

After watching it, all of a sudden a few doors in my mind opened up. Things from the past that were buried under cobwebs and day-to-day life started to emerge again–a purer way of thinking. Getting back to the day when things were simpler, less tech-oriented. As of late, people (myself included) are/were all about the latest and greatest, all about what’s new, what new technology we’re exploiting. It gets to the point where you’re not satisfied unless you have the latest and greatest between your legs when you’re riding… like the lack of a boostvalve or tapered bore piston is going to diminish your ride for whatever reason.

Well, Life Cycles brings you back. Remember that time when you first learned to jump as a kid? That moment when your bike left the earth behind for the first time, that first fleeting second off that rickety soap-box-and-plank jump? Remember that? How about those tracks you left behind in the black earth of the berm you just railed. Other words like “ebb” and “flow” come to mind as well.

Life Cycles provides new ways of looking at that trail: who created it and what they were thinking when they cut the path. Look at the care that was taken to not disturb most of the landscape so that they and you could enjoy the countryside. Appreciate the immensity of the outdoors and some of the epic visages that await you.

All this lies in store for you when you watch Life Cycles. The list of featured riders is impressive as well. Icons in their own niches of riding styles are here: riders like Hunter, McCaul, and Semenuk, to name just a few, will blow you away. Just seeing how big they are and at the same time how small we all are as we ride along the landscape before us is almost indescribable.

Check out Life Cycles: get yourself a copy. It sells for about $35.50 for your Blu-ray player, or you can download it on iTunes for less than $10. Either way, you’re getting something special.

Official Trailer

(here’s the link for those who can’t see the embedded video above)

If you have already watched Life Cycles, what are your thoughts?

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  • trek7k

    Wow, sounds like a pretty incredible movie. Will you be buying a VW van and cruising the country, just you and the bike, after seeing this? That would be sweet. 🙂

  • mtbgreg1

    Getting back to the basics… that’s a paradigm shift that I can definitely roll with!

  • element22

    Getting into a VW and driving around…Maybe not…But an RV now that is something I would really consider. If I didn’t have family obligations hell ya..

  • 8valvegrowl

    I received this film as a gift last christmas, definitely one of the best cycling related films ever produced. My only complaint? I though it felt too short.

  • element22

    Yeah in a way I didn’t want it to end too…Great movie…Almost…Almost makes me want to get a RED camera too and try and shoot a video like that too….But ohh wait…I need the talent…Hmmm…Nope guess not. But yeah a great movie.

  • Transcendentcycles

    Does what on any sunday did for Motorcycle riders back in the day. My number one pic for a pump up movie. Epic!

  • jreilly

    It appears to be a beautifully made movie. But I didn’t see much actual “pedaling” in that trailer.

  • Danno#1

    Life Cycles is one of my favorites, even compared to non-bike vids. I pre-ordered this movie on Pinkbike and waited close to 3 months to get it in the mail just because the creators had logistics hiccups. The wait was worth it and I’m even thinking of still getting the Blueray version to get the full experience. There is a good reason why this movie has won many awards. I highly recommend it to anyone that likes biking in the woods.

  • mtbgreg1

    $10 off of itunes sounds like a great deal. Anyone know what resolution it downloads at?

  • trek7k

    $10 for the HD version and just $6.99 for the standard version on iTunes. I bought the SD version and it’s still really good. Gotta find time to finish it up this evening…

  • chrispaulcx

    This film has basically created a new genre of Action sports films in my books. There’s the old ones which are just a bunch of sweet clips and interviews thrown together with some cool music – and then this. This film is thoughtful, creative, inspiring, and tells a story. It’s about far more than just watching a bunch of pro’s ride cool stuff on bikes. I really dig it. Hopefully filmmakers take Life Cycles as inspiration and make some more similar good movies in the future!

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