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monkeyluva8469   on Mar 21, 2012
added 6 photos.

Definitely a bright beam and very easy to install. Comes with three modes...bright as heck, soft light, and flash. Definitely...
monkeyluva8469   on Mar 20, 2012
added a review of Lake Maury

Not a bad trail, a few technicals, good hills, and more. No signs on this trail at all and many...
monkeyluva8469   on Mar 20, 2012
checked in at Lake Maury
A simple to use, high definition helmet camera to bring to places you wouldn't dare bring your normal camcorder. Comes...
The cosmic dreadnought? 110 headlight lights up the darkest corners of space so you can maintain cruising speed without fear...
The Mister Sparkle? chain cleaner removes grit that grinds down chains and sprockets. It's compact and simple to use- no...
Its control knob regulates how fast the co2 is released and the tough full grain leather sleeve is vegetable tanned...
monkeyluva8469   on Mar 11, 2012
checked in at Freedom Park (aka:district Park)

Works great so far. I like that it gives you quite a bit of information for your ride.

Lightweight, comfortable, easy to setup the cleats, velcro keeps the laces out of the way.

Compact pump with a gauge built in

Keeps the bikes secure and it doesn't scratch up my car. It also folds up very nice and comes with...
monkeyluva8469   on Mar 4, 2012
added a review of Shimano M424

Great pedal, easy to install and adjust with no issues. Light weight compared to others and great starter pedal.
monkeyluva8469   on Mar 4, 2012
added a review of Topeak Mini 18

Lightweight, great case for it, and has every tool I've needed so far.
monkeyluva8469   on Mar 4, 2012
added Bontrager SSR Multisport
Versatility, thy name is SSR. On road, off road, touring cross country, or commuting to the farmers' market, the SSR...

Great ride so far, had for about a 2 weeks. Considering i'm a beginner this seems to be a great...

This was an excellent mix of trails for bikers of all classes. There is a brand new building called the...

Nothing difficult on this trail. More of a warmup. But absolutely great surroundings and signs teaching a little bit of...
monkeyluva8469   on Feb 1, 2012
added a photo
monkeyluva8469   on Feb 1, 2012
updated Yorktown Historical Trail
to Open.
monkeyluva8469   on Feb 1, 2012
added 4 photos.
Swans on the trail
monkeyluva8469   on Feb 1, 2012
added Yorktown Historical Trail
Hardball trail, follow the signs for the historical trail to Colonial Yorktown
The Allen Sports MT2 Folding two bike carrier is an ultra light and compact bike carrier, perfect for carrying two...
monkeyluva8469   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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