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Good info Matt, I have this conversation with my friend "mtb vs moto". He is a long time moto guy but loves mtb as well. He always says "there is no way a bike should cost 5k-8K". I found a KTM article that addressed the issue https://www.mbr.co.uk/news/mountain-bikes-cost-motorbikes-371321 - basically, it boils down to comparing very…
Cool video, I have been following Greg for some time now. He seems like a straightforward guy. Keep up the good work Greg.
lewisb   on Sep 26, 2017
replied to New Zealand
Thanks Jim, I went out to Air NZ after your first post. Not use to a bike as "normal" baggage, I was expecting to pay $75-$200 per leg (2 bikes x 2...
lewisb   on Sep 24, 2017
replied to New Zealand
Jim WOW, that is more than I was expecting. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  
lewisb   on Sep 24, 2017
started a topic: New Zealand
I am looking for info about New Zealand. (yes I already searched for it) Four of us are going to do a three-week vacation in early 2019 (March)..... Just starting to look...
@mtbikerchick headed to Durango this weekend, your post is perfect. I think Phil's and Telegraph, anything else you recommend? We...
lewisb   on Oct 21, 2011
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