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ajarvis1   on Jun 15, 2014
added a review of Noxubee Crest

Trails are in serious need of maintenance and repair. A lot of trees and large limbs down from recent storms....

Now over 30 miles of trails. Laurel loop is an intermediate loop but most are beginner trails. Great system to...
ajarvis1   on May 9, 2013
updated Allatoona Creek Park
to Open.
ajarvis1   on Apr 13, 2012
added a review of Mt Tabor Park

I'm editing my reply since the trail director called me out on another website. Said I should ride the Silver...
ajarvis1   on Mar 24, 2012
created a My Trails
ajarvis1   on Jul 26, 2011
added a review of Lake Wilmore

They have added many more trails but they have not marked them officially yet. This can add 4+ additional miles...
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