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I originally took up mountain biking in 2000 at the age of 35 because I spent all summer whining that I couldn't ski. However, the addiction soon took over and I now ride knobbies much more than I ride sticks. I'm a classic short attention span kind of guy and would generally ride an average trail for the first time than a great trail for the second time, and I will take every opportunity I can, short of ignoring the commitments of my family and day job, to seek out new trails, which is why my trails ridden list is so long.

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That study, and the interpretation of the results, has a number of flaws. First, the each user group was given four passes by the elk. The differences in elk displacement between foot and bike traffic were largely insignificant, and in one pass, the displacement was actually higher by foot traffic. Pointing to this as some…
Yes, the legislation that includes MTBs covers both a Wilderness area and a NRA. There is one paragraph covering each. MTBs appear in the paragraph covering the Wilderness area, not the NRA... and therein it specifically calls bikes a Wilderness one, and primitive recreation.... in the Wilderness portion of the bill. As usual, Todd the…
Actually, if taken strictly, no other form of mechanical transport, would also preclude cross country skis, boats with mechanical oarlocks, snowshoes with mechanically pivoting bindings, etc. The fact that these items were never questioned is one of the many levels of proof that the word mechanical here was, in accordance with the usage of the…
My current mullet is a Foes Mixer Enduro. I'm really looking forward to Mullet releasing their 160mm bike. No word yet as to when that will be.
I've long wanted to visit Slovenia, even before knowing there was great riding there. This just amps up the stoke!
I'm 6' even, 34" inseam. I generally ride a large, but Mullet only had a medium available for test. I compensated by running a slightly longer stem and sliding the saddle back all the way on the rails. Interestingly, the geometry seems to adapt well to a wider size range so it wasn't uncomfortable, but…
In that case, I can't imagine a better bike. Not even close for that matter. I also find myself having tons o'fun on a hardtail, even in technical terrain. In that regard, the Mullet was leaps and bounds ahead of anything else I've ever thrown a leg over. Like I said, this bike bailed me…
To be honest, that largely depends on whether or no you think any hardtail is enduro-worthy. Most enduro courses are seriously chunky and this bike still has no rear suspension. If I was picking a bike specifically for competitive enduro racing, this wouldn't be it. Mullet has plans to introduce a 160mm travel enduro rig…
Any tire recommendation would be largely dependent on your typical riding surface. That said, as a starting point I'll offer the following: When running standard width, I would have liked to have tried this bike with a Continental Trail King or maybe a Kenda Neegal Pro. These are good all around tires with enough knob…
Mullet may or may not publish actual geometry numbers soon. I certainly understand the desire to review them. Part of Mullet's reluctance is to not make it easier for copycats, but the even bigger concern is that the numbers might seem odd to the average consumer and be misleading to those who don't know the…
A few points. Putting different width tires on a bike vs. different diameter wheels is in no way comparable. Whether or not mixed wheel bikes "catch on" remains to be seen. Past mixed wheel designs were just the result of slapping two different wheels on an existing design which didn't fully capture the benefits. So…
JD, Most pics are from the newer trail segments at Ute Valley Park.
John Fisch   on Jul 25, 2019
I'm skeptical about the warranty, having broken three Yetis
John Fisch   on Jul 14, 2019
added a review of Mullet Honeymaker

Best cornering bike ever Rails corners but still climbs tech like a goat Pleasantly damp and comfortable ride, but still responsive Superbly balanced,...
John Fisch   on Jul 14, 2019
added a photo of Mullet Honeymaker
John Fisch   on Jul 14, 2019
added Honeymaker
MIxed wheel (29"F/27.5"R) titanium all mountain hardtail
Not only did Mike Vidovich bring the idea to Foes, he brought the actual design and geometry as well.
1. In the hearing Congressman did ask about other forms of Transportation other than motorized transportation. John Fisch knows this is an absolute fact. The most famous case of that is when Compton White Jr ask said “What about the mechanical device behind the horse?” Yep, and if you read the response you understand that…
isawtman says "The Wilderness Act clearly says “no other form of Mechanical Transport” Which ignores 1. The fact that Congressional use of that language was at the time specifically focused on keeping motorized vehicles out of Wilderness, not anything human powered. A reading of that text in full context confirms that. A reading of the…
The 3% statistic is not germane to this discussion. The vast majority of the lower 48 is private land, cities, agricultural land, etc. What matters is how much open land is available, and how much actually desirable open land is available. Even most of the public land has been mined, timbered, crisscrossed with roads, etc.…
Palisade Rim is such an underrated/underused trail. Killer terrain and scenery and very few people... a great combination! Although I prefer to ride the loops clockwise. That way you get the best scenery on the return leg on the edge of the rim. I can't wait to see the full Palisade Plunge!
From the article: "Normally I’d just ride it out at home, but this time I beat feat to the doc to make sure I hadn’t picked up lyme disease or some other nasty tick-borne malady." Getting checked for Lyme is exactly why I went to the doc rather than just ride it out. Especially since…
John Fisch   on Jun 9, 2019
replied to Pet Peeves of the Trail
Uncontrolled dogs Dog crap Litter Trail sanitizing People smoking (tobacco or weed) on the trail Trail users of any type who can't hear over their earbuds People blasting music on the trail
To everyone saying the uphill rider should yield because the downhill rider can't stop, or would have a more difficult time stopping.... .... apply that same reasoning to running into a hiker or trail runner ore equestrian (who is going to be going about the same speed up a steep or techy climb). See where…
But if it's a techy dh section, that mean's it's also a techy uphill section. If you want to admire skills, it generally takes greater skills to execute a technical climb than it does the same stretch downhill. In the tech in particular, the uphill rider definitely should have the ROW. If it's smooth, that's…
John Fisch   on Jun 9, 2019
added a photo of Arroyo Hondo Trails
John Fisch   on Jun 9, 2019
added a review of Pivot Mach 4SL

LIght Sharp Handling Lively Stable
John Fisch   on Jun 9, 2019
added a photo of Pivot Mach 4SL
John Fisch   on Jun 9, 2019
added Mach 4SL
This is Pivot's top shelf xc race frame designed to handle more technical race courses.
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