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I originally took up mountain biking in 2000 at the age of 35 because I spent all summer whining that I couldn't ski. However, the addiction soon took over and I now ride knobbies much more than I ride sticks. I'm a classic short attention span kind of guy and would generally ride an average trail for the first time than a great trail for the second time, and I will take every opportunity I can, short of ignoring the commitments of my family and day job, to seek out new trails, which is why my trails ridden list is so long.

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Some of the Pinhoti in AL passes through the Cheaha Wilderness, so as a minimum, that portion is off limits to bikes.
Love Agate! Great ride. Guessing these guys weren't hitting all those creek crossings lower on the trail at 30mph though!
You've got a wonderful eye. I don't think I recognized the opportunity for such a great shot when I rode there.
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
Oh, yeah, mountain town "gentrification" is real.  It's happened in almost every ski town in Colorado.  Suddenly, a lifetime resident sees his property taxes rise to the point they're higher than his...
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
John Fisch   on Dec 21, 2017
In my home state of Colorado, Wilderness comprises 85% of the backcountry. That's not insignificant. The numbers are also very high in most states. Backcountry cyclists don't want to ride logged/mined/roaded areas any more than backcountry hikers want to hike them. If hikers were banned from 85% of their most cherished lands, they wouldn't accept…
1. This doesn't "amend," but rather clarifies the intent of the Act. 2. As far as protection, since bikes are proven to have no more impact than boots and far less than horses, there's no need to "protect" anything from bikes as separate from other human powered user groups. So the "third rail" concern is…
Oh, so true. Even if you're not "riding hard enough." While I've had plenty of trips to the ER/stitches/abrasions, etc., the one and only truly debilitating injury came as the result of what felt like a gentle fall to the side. I extended my arm to catch myself and must have hit at just the…
John Fisch   on Dec 15, 2017
commented on IMBA Wants to Hear Your Opinions on Ebikes
Will they'll listen any more than they did with regard to Wilderness?
John Fisch   on Dec 15, 2017
If you're basing this on "analytical thinking," and coming to the conclusion that this removes discretion, then your analysis is faulty. As it stands right now, local managers have no discretion whatsoever with...
Of course it gives local managers discretion. It says "Nothing in this section..." That means that they can not use this section of the Wilderness act as the basis to ban bikes.  Under the...
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Again, please tell us what wording within the bill might indicate that anybody would be losing any discretion they currently enjoy.  Please point out what in the bill indicates, or in any...
Both bills were prompted by STC.  The Senate bill was introduced in 2016 and the House bill in 2017. IMBA can not  not “still support the Senate bill” as it has expired when...
John Fisch   on Dec 9, 2017
replied to IMBA and the Wilderness
IMBA's "more nuanced approach" has resulted in the loss of over a thousand miles of traditionally ridden, high quality singletrack in the last 5 years alone. With advocates like that, who needs adversaries?...
If you read their press release, there's nothing in there about what is scientifically proven, what is right, what is logical, or what is best for the trails and their users--only that they prefer "a collaborative approach." But the bottom line is that their "collaborative approach" has resulted in a net loss of a thousand…
John Fisch   on Dec 6, 2017
added a review of Berry Creek Loop

I got more out of this ride than I expected based on the previous reviews. The dirt road is mostly...
"but there’s plenty of places to ride without trashing the wilderness even more." If you were truly concerned with "trashing the Wilderness," you'd be lobbying to ban hikers. Every non-natural (lightning) fire startedin the backcountry was started by someone on foot. Wholesale destruction of habitat by the tens of thousands of acres at a time.…
I won't jump down your throat -- just wonder why? I need a reason why a trail should be foot only. It's certainly not based on fact or logic, it seems to be more of an "I feel..." And even if there is a valid reason make a trail foot only, that doesn't mean is…
John Fisch   on Dec 5, 2017
John Fisch   on Dec 5, 2017
John Fisch   on Nov 28, 2017
John Fisch   on Nov 25, 2017
added Mt. Charleston
Mt Charleston is laced with trails including multiple downhill options, some of which can be climbed.
John Fisch   on Nov 25, 2017
added a map of Mt. Charleston
John Fisch   on Nov 23, 2017
John Fisch   on Nov 20, 2017
John Fisch   on Nov 18, 2017
replied to Awkward Moment. What do you do?
I can't imagine riding without a helmet. I cringe when I see others doing so.   That said, I can't imagine being so full of myself, or such a busybody, that I would feel the...
John Fisch   on Nov 18, 2017
added Red Rocks
This ride incorporates singletrack, dirt road, and open red slickrock. It is remote and, despite it's uniqueness, sees little traffic....
John Fisch   on Nov 18, 2017
added a map of Red Rocks
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