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I originally took up mountain biking in 2000 at the age of 35 because I spent all summer whining that I couldn't ski. However, the addiction soon took over and I now ride knobbies much more than I ride sticks. I'm a classic short attention span kind of guy and would generally ride an average trail for the first time than a great trail for the second time, and I will take every opportunity I can, short of ignoring the commitments of my family and day job, to seek out new trails, which is why my trails ridden list is so long.

My Bikes

John Fisch   2 hours ago
replied to 2018 yt industries Capra al 1
By a wide margin, my two favorite climbing enduro bikes are the Yeti SB-6c and the Turner RFX-4.   I haven't ridden the Capra, so I can't compare to that one.
John Fisch   11 hours ago
replied to Pivot Mach 6 carbon
If you're really looking for an enduro bike that pedals well for all day rides, IMO the best option for this is the Turner RFX-4.   Pretty comparable to a Mach 6,...
Well, that would certainly blow the theory of an accidental shooting out of the water.
John Fisch   1 day ago
John Fisch   1 day ago
His major is Biology with Chemistry emphasis. As of now, he's looking at medical school, but there's a lot of ground to cover between now and then. Interestingly, my oldest was a Biochemistry major and wanted to go to med school, but along the way she fell in love with biochemical research. She's now doing…
John Fisch   5 days ago
replied to Mountain Lions
I live and ride in big cat country.  Never give them a thought.... .... except when night riding.  Every little rustle in the woods is spooky and makes me think "cougar!" But as noted...
Lots of camping options. There are USFS campgrounds throughout the area plus dispersed camping as also allowed,
John Fisch   5 days ago
Thanks for the response! I like the idea of Bear Basin at night. If I make it back up, I'll look you up... and I'll bring lights!
John Fisch   6 days ago
John Fisch   1 week ago
All perfectly logical. Every point makes perfect sense. And yet, I have been on a couple plus bikes where I have had totally indescribable fun. The silly grin on my face was anything but logical, but there it was. There's something about the uniqueness of the ride on a good plus bike that puts the…
I measure trail miles by how quickly and for how long I collapse after the ride.:nerd:
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
added 20 photos.
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John Fisch   2 weeks ago
added a review of Hancock Road

Wide, well maintained dirt road. Usually something I would never do, but it's really quite excellent. The grade is amazingly...
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John Fisch   2 weeks ago
added a review of CDT: Tunnel Lake

Tough stretch of singletrack connecting the roads at the either side of the Alpine Tunnel Loop. The climb from the...
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
added a review of CDT: Alpine Tunnel

Great loop! The five mile dirt road warmup is perfectly scenic. The next doubletrack stretch is also scenic and adds...
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
added 6 photos.
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John Fisch   2 weeks ago
added a review of North Fork

Excellent trail with great views! Well laid out. Challenging but doable climb to cool ridgetop riding and killer scenery. Nothing...
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
Ahhh, southwest Ohio. Yes indeed, I did miss the big mountains when I lived in the Dayton area, but I still managed to really enjoy riding the likes of Ceasar Creek and Hueston Woods.
Mongwolf, Thanks for the adds. Leave it to a forestry guy to be able to specify the difference between "forests" and "woodlands"! But it makes perfect sense. I absolutely love the pinion/juniper woodlands of the American Southwest. Whether it be Fruita, Canon City, Cortez, or especially Sedona, these woodlands have a character all their own,…
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
John Fisch   on Aug 22, 2017
added Humbergturm
There is an extensive network of trails here exploring the countryside south of Kaiserslautern. They can also be connected to...
John Fisch   on Aug 22, 2017
added a review of Around the Mountain

Excellent singletrack with very nice scenery high on the mountain. Definitely best done counterclockwise. Links up nicely with other options...
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John Fisch   on Aug 22, 2017
added a review of Mahalo

Most of the trails on Bogus Basin and the Boise Foothills are pretty buff, but thanks to Mahalo, there is...
John Fisch   on Aug 22, 2017
replied to Trip from Colorado Springs to Seattle
I was out in the woods ... on my bike!   Back now.  You have TONS of options on that route.  Here's what's most worth considering depending on timing and how much you may...
John Fisch   on Aug 22, 2017
John Fisch   on Aug 22, 2017
added a map of Humbergturm
John Fisch   on Aug 19, 2017
added a photo of Jug Mountain Ranch
John Fisch   on Aug 19, 2017
added a review of Jug Mountain Ranch

Supremely entertaining network! The inclusion of features on the advance trails is fantastic. This place is just fun, fun, fun!...
John Fisch   on Aug 18, 2017
added 4 photos.
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