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I originally took up mountain biking in 2000 at the age of 35 because I spent all summer whining that I couldn't ski. However, the addiction soon took over and I now ride knobbies much more than I ride sticks. I'm a classic short attention span kind of guy and would generally ride an average trail for the first time than a great trail for the second time, and I will take every opportunity I can, short of ignoring the commitments of my family and day job, to seek out new trails, which is why my trails ridden list is so long.

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John Fisch   on Mar 23, 2019
replied to Moab vs Bryce / Zion / Sedona
Best E ticket rides?  Moab, but then St. George and Sedona are just a tiny notch behind. Best scenery?  Definitely Sedona, hands down.  But the other two certainly don't suck. Greatest number of "must...
John Fisch   on Mar 21, 2019
replied to Looking for Beginner Trails in Denver
Drive a little further south... just past Castle Rock and hit Dawson Butte.  Its beginner friendly and much more attractive than the rides closer to the city.
John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2019
added 3 photos.
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John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2019
added a video of Kentucky Lucky Chicken
John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2019
added Kentucky Lucky Chicken
The Kentucky Lucky Chicken Trail is a four mile loop which is mostly technical and not suitable for novice riders....
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John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2019
added Rhythm and Blues
There are two trails here, Rhythm and Blues loop and an extra segment called Rock and Roll which can be...
John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2019
added a video of Barrel
John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2019
added a review of Barrel

The Barrel Trail in the Green Valley area is not to be confused with the Barrel Roll trail in the...
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John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2019
added a review of Rhythm and Blues

These trails make for a reasonably fun little quick ride, good for a recovery day between the area's more challenging...
John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2019
added a review of Kentucky Lucky Chicken

This is an awesome ride for riders who love technical riding. While ridable either direction, I prefer clockwise for the...
John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2019
commented on a photo of Barrel Roll
John Fisch   on Feb 7, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
The one trend that truly needs to be reversed has nothing to do with tech specs on bikes.  It is the accelerating loss of backcountry riding opportunities, especially in Western States where...
Very timely article for me as I'm hoping to pass through the area with my bike sometime in late spring this year. BroCo was on my to do list and this is very helpful. Even though I live in Colorado, I'm pretty stoked for Indiana!
Since cycling causes no more impact than hiking and far less than equestrian use, this has nothing to do with "not respecting the land." It does indicate not respecting the law, which is...
As irritating as this legislative failure is, it's even worse seeing the disingenuous and hypocritical statements of the likes of Conroy and Wiens. Wiens says in his statement "Finally, the more cohesive and united we are as public lands advocates, the more influence we have in Congress." Yet he was at the helm of IMBA…
John Fisch   on Dec 21, 2018
14 is about when my kid started dropping me.
John Fisch   on Nov 30, 2018
added a review of Better than Dead

Another great ride next to Green River. It's kind of Wilkins-Lite. A little less mileage, a few less options, and...
Lee, Beautiful shots as always. Excellent, but frightening article, especially in light of recent trends. I have now ridden somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 distinct trails across 30 of our United States and a handful of your Canadian Provinces, including most of the big name, marquee routes. The two you detail here are in…
Yeah....cholla... vicious stuff there
John Fisch   on Nov 16, 2018
I'm happy to report significant improvement this year. No final solution, but enough improvement I'm riding longer and harder again... and not always alone. But whether alone solo or accompanied, I'm enjoying it again. Rather than being a drudgery I force myself through, it is once again that silly toothy grin-inducing fun it was a…
John Fisch   on Oct 30, 2018
John Fisch   on Oct 27, 2018
replied to Sedona AZ - Beginner to Intermediate
Thanks for the report.  Glad you enjoyed it!
John Fisch   on Oct 26, 2018
replied to Outerbike Bentonville 2018
Outerbike is where companies try to push their high profit goodies so yeah, there will be lots of e-bikes. They've actually been a fixture at Outerbikes for a few years now. Ashley Korenblat, former...
John Fisch   on Oct 21, 2018
added a review of Hogbacks

The Hogbacks are great due to their immediate proximity to town. The system is composed of mostly parallel lines along...
John Fisch   on Oct 18, 2018
replied to USA MTB Trails- October?
Fruita Moab Sedona St. George
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John Fisch   on Oct 18, 2018
replied to Encounters with wildlife
While riding, I have come upon: Deer, elk, moose, bighorn, mountain goat, fox, coyote, bobcat, black bear, and all manner of rodents and reptiles. All encounters were cool, but none particularly remarkable. Except the birds. ...
John Fisch   on Oct 18, 2018
replied to Sedona AZ - Beginner to Intermediate
I second the Chuckwagon recommendation.  Great trail, a genuine Sedona experience, and quite ridable for a lower intermediate or better rider. You can also make a nice loop out of the Bell Rock...
They should publish the serial numbers. I'm assuming they're already sharing them with law enforcement. Gonna be hard to move that many bikes.
John Fisch   on Sep 12, 2018
Head Over Handlebars is on the right track. It's all about timing the wheelie and the subsequent weight shift. But the key to being able to execute that is looking beyond the obstacle.  If you...
John Fisch   on Aug 24, 2018
John Fisch   on Aug 20, 2018
John Fisch   on Aug 19, 2018
added a photo of Bear River State Park
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