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I originally took up mountain biking in 2000 at the age of 35 because I spent all summer whining that I couldn't ski. However, the addiction soon took over and I now ride knobbies much more than I ride sticks. I'm a classic short attention span kind of guy and would generally ride an average trail for the first time than a great trail for the second time, and I will take every opportunity I can, short of ignoring the commitments of my family and day job, to seek out new trails, which is why my trails ridden list is so long.

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John Fisch   1 week ago
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John Fisch   1 week ago
IMBA most definitely has NOT done a great job here. We've lost over a thousand miles of traditionally ridden singletrack in the last five years alone. Even if IMBA was doing a good job, the result is the same. Loss after loss after loss of highly prized bike routes. Environmental assessments may not be necessary.…
“... and a temperate climate that baits riders to pedal 12 months out of the year” ????? The southeast is infamous for heat and humidity and I won’t set foot or knobby there for at least 8 months out of the year! Just say the word “Alabama” and I start to sweat. After such a…
John Fisch   2 weeks ago
replied to Suggestions around WV, VA or PA?
Too many worthy entries in that broad area. But I'd have to say Hepler is helpful here.  If you're looking for reasonably easy trails that are still fun, that area with Fair Hill,...
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
replied to How's your riding year going?
Whoa!  I knew about the cold weather you face, but dust storms too? You definitely have it tougher than most. I’d love to contribute to your thread, but the year so far has...
presali, Go ride Alien Run in northern New Mexico. Fantastic trail system developed by the BLM. Runs through an area with a ton of extraction (natural gas). If you're really looking for it, you may see a well or two through the pinions, but you're definitely not riding through a stinking, toxic wasteland. If you…
John Fisch   3 weeks ago
added Lowder Pond Loop
Not a lot of climbing over the 12 miles, but it's all over 10K ft in altitude, so you'll need...
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John Fisch   3 weeks ago
added Paradise Canyon
This is steep and technical alternative, good for somebody looking for a little extra excitement on their Dark Hollow ride....
Edit: meant to say Western Spirit ownership, not Bears Ears ownership.
Or you could just go ride Bears Ears on your own and keep your money rather than give it to a company hostile to mountain bike access. Oh, the irony. Bears Ears ownership has been most vocal in their opposition to lifting the blanket ban on bikes in Wilderness areas... thus continuing to alienate a…
In a word, yes. As it is, I have reached a point where I can't ride trails I used to, or at least don't because it's too darn difficult. I have never even considered getting an e-bike to help me up those 3,000 vertical ft climbs I used to do with ease, but can no…
John Fisch   on Mar 23, 2018
I absolutely loved my visit to Marquette. Not only were the trails Grade A, but the whole vibe of the place and its people was awesome. I hope I get the chance to go back again sometime.
John Fisch   on Mar 18, 2018
replied to Non-negotiables
Interesting. I'm a 200+ pound, bull-in-a-china-shop type rider.  I've broken just about every thing on a bike you can imagine, including three frames now.  My friends are always amazed at the damage I...
John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2018
updated Midland Hills Trails conditions to Good
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John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2018
updated Midland Bike Trail conditions to Good
John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2018
updated Whipple Trail System conditions to Good
John Fisch   on Mar 17, 2018
updated Midland Bike Trail conditions to Good
John Fisch   on Mar 9, 2018
John Fisch   on Mar 2, 2018
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John Fisch   on Mar 2, 2018
If you want a 29er that climbs like a mountain goat and is full of playfulness and agility, consider the Orbea Occam TR   Also, if you like your Element and the Thunderbolt, but...
John Fisch   on Feb 28, 2018
replied to Best trail features
For me... No man made features.  No wooden bridges, skinnies, etc.  Not even any man made berms. ...rather... Maximum incorporation of natural features.  If a curve is on the inside of a hill, that's a...
John Fisch   on Feb 21, 2018
replied to Fully Rigid
While I don't currently own a fully rigid, I have loved riding rigid on a regular basis and my next purchase will likely be a rigid.  The two reviews below will give...
John Fisch   on Feb 15, 2018
Looks rad. I wanna' go.
Guessing this wonderful development is the result of Intense shutting down their domestic AL fab... and then reopening it overseas?
And Yeti! Oh, wait. Yeti's President in part of the IMBA board .... never mind.
Hey, I've ridden there! It was a quick stop when passing through and seemed at first like a waste of time given the uninspiring looking terrain from the road. But once on trail, I was pleasantly surprised. Somebody did a great job eking out every bit of available fun from a rather nondescript (especially by…
Some of the Pinhoti in AL passes through the Cheaha Wilderness, so as a minimum, that portion is off limits to bikes.
Love Agate! Great ride. Guessing these guys weren't hitting all those creek crossings lower on the trail at 30mph though!
John Fisch   on Jan 5, 2018
commented on a photo of Frisco Peninsula and Ophir Mtn
You've got a wonderful eye. I don't think I recognized the opportunity for such a great shot when I rode there.
John Fisch   on Jan 2, 2018
Oh, yeah, mountain town "gentrification" is real.  It's happened in almost every ski town in Colorado.  Suddenly, a lifetime resident sees his property taxes rise to the point they're higher than his...
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