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Franklin // North Carolina

Scooter13   on Feb 19, 2012
added a comment on How To Clean Your Mountain Bike in 10 Easy Steps
I have been riding about 7 years now and I got kind of slack on cleaning and maintenance. This article...
Great write up! My first bike was a 2005 Gary Fisher Tassajarra for $585.00. I rode thousands of miles on...
Scooter13   on Jan 29, 2012
added a review of Jack Rabbit Trails

I live about 40 miles from this trail. Lots of fun a little something for everyone except those that like...
Scooter13   on Feb 6, 2011
added a review of Tsali Thompson Loop

I rode this trail last week on my new bike. I've ridden it before as it is 20 miles from...
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