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agent6   on Aug 5, 2014
added a review of Devou Park

This is a great trail system. My first time being there today. I didn't have time for some of the...
agent6   on Jul 7, 2012
added a comment on Tech How-To: Ghetto Tubeless for Mountain Bikes
I used weatherstripping to build up the deep center channel on my WTB Speeddisc AM rims, and it works great...

EI is a great place to ride, if you are close, or even if you have to drive a ways....
agent6   on Nov 5, 2011
added a review of Tower Park

Kind of a dilemma with this one. On one hand, these trails are a great workout for any level of...

Wish I had more time to spend here while I was in town because didn't have a great experience. Mostly...
agent6   on Oct 23, 2011
added a review of Enterprise South

Great system! Had a little trouble navigating at first, but once we got it, it was great! Rode these trails...
agent6   on Sep 29, 2011
added a review of East Fork

great workout! good variety! awesome views! somewhat hard to navigate? (first time riding here)...
agent6   on Sep 2, 2011
added a review of John Bryan State Park

This is a relatively flat trail with some interesting obstacles along the way. Very easy to navigate. Riding with a...
agent6   on Mar 28, 2011
added a review of Big Creek

Being from Ohio, this set of trails blew me away. Rode them last Friday, and was very impressed. They are...
agent6   on Mar 28, 2011
added a review of Blankets Creek

Absolutely amazing! These trails are well taken care of, and offer something for everyone. Mosquito flats is a great, relatively...
agent6   on Mar 18, 2011
added a review of Momba @ Huffman Metropark

rode this trail today. they finally opened it up after all of the rain! it was muddy in spots, but...
agent6   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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