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aging hardcore.
Yes. (Gotta have skin/calluses/blisters in the game) most seasons I volunteer 1-3 days on Routt County Riders (RCR) trail work days.
stormpeakco   on Oct 17, 2019
replied to Fully Rigid
Heck yes.  Ride a rigid fatty (winter 26" X 4.6" and non-winter 27.5" X 2.8") year round...for 4+ years now.   After my first Mukluk, I sold my soft tail Moots (YBB) and...
stormpeakco   on Sep 9, 2019
added a review of The Boneyard

Decent short, under an hour long ride to do before heading to Costco in Gypsum.
stormpeakco   on Jul 4, 2018
replied to Another mountain lion on a bike trail
STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Tests have confirmed how an Emerald Mountain lion got sick to the point where it had to be euthanized. The lion was found June 5 on the Morning Gloria trail. A...
stormpeakco   on Jun 24, 2018
replied to Sarma Bikes - to be avoided
Sorry.  Your post brings an expensive minded nightmare (that we've all pondered) back to real time.  Glad you didn't suffer a bad crash. Rode the GDMBR on my rigid fatbike w/3" wide rubber...
stormpeakco   on Jun 24, 2018
replied to Chain wax...go or no go?
+1 on Squirt....seems to be the persistent fave for mtbs among the LBS mechs here.
stormpeakco   on Jun 21, 2018
replied to Wear earbuds riding on the trail?
No buds (electronic nor herbal ones during any bike ride or skiing).  Like to keep my wits up, ears clear to hear other riders, wildlife etc.             ...
stormpeakco   on Jun 21, 2018
replied to What bike rack do you use?
Agree with the 1Upusa, two bike rack with fatbike modification on both...added some Lexan shields on one so during winter the rotors and spokes don't become coated in ice and frozen grime. ...
Rode N-S on the GDMBR (supported, I'm old) from Canmore to Antelope Wells last summer.  The legendary descent down Fleecer Ridge (south of Butte) terminates at, reportedly, 37%. Stupidly, one other rider...
stormpeakco   on Jun 3, 2018
replied to First mountain bike?
No matter how careful, particular and how you'll slice'll be buying more and changing/upgrading components/gear very soon.  Seek out some buddies who will let you ride theirs (AND demo at the...
stormpeakco   on Jun 3, 2018
replied to Helmets ??
Helmet???  Most definitely. Retrospectly, the only time that I, knowingly, benefitted by one (other than a few minor tree branch clunks) was when I was walking my mtb across a short patch of...
A 63 y.o., 5'5" with inseam just below 29" who rides a rigid Mukluk (size small) fatbike set up year round (winter 26X4.5", summer 27.5X2.8") including a supported GDMBR over 43 days...
Fatback Corvus is available in a 14" frame.  Their fatbike frames may be most beautiful ones currently on the market and they will ship out of Bend, OR. (nearly purchased one of...
stormpeakco   on Jun 1, 2018
replied to Is the old fart in shape?
Like Jeff Barber said, tough to nail down and it's all relative. Indeed historical vs. current objective metrics such as weight, BMI, resting pulse, % body fat may be good to compare...tho' the...
resuming the head to head competition with the 2 big boy OEMs (& the multitudes of after market options) will benefit every 1X luver (never SRAM folks, never Shimano folks & riders like me w/ SRAM drivetrain, Shimano brakes) on the price points & future refinements.
stormpeakco   on May 2, 2018
answered a question about
Hey, thanks.
Agree with so many of the comment posters and the essence of the article (uni-quiver). Purchased a Mukluk carbon frame (w/ essential mounts) 1 wk ago to build my 3rd fatbike for snow, summer and solo tours. Previously owned a 1st gen Mukluk and then (now) a carbon fiber beargrease 1X11 that I just rode…
stormpeakco   on Jul 14, 2017
replied to What bike rack do you use?
also a 1 upusa With the fatbike tire modification & use for all 4 seasons,  we can easily transfer the rack between both car receiver hitches, on the back of our travel trailer...
Nice. Sold my Moots YBB after (first bought 1st gen Mukluk out of a rental pool) after I bought my Salsa Beargrease (now my only mtb for ridin' 52 wks of the year). Just love the handling and simplicity of riding a rigid fatty (buddies say I could be the poster child for fatbikes....child? Hell,…

Live in SS and although Scott's is good, there is better (like the Divide Trail from Dumont Lake to the...
stormpeakco   on May 4, 2017
added a review of Lower Bear Creek

A true grinder for the first two miles and a way to judge ones fitness at ~7500', any time of...
Nice upgrade but not sure it seems as sweet as a 1upusa (can carry road, FS mtbs, kid bikes and fatty with 4" wide studs/3" summer rubber) and all aluminum (fittings-hardware).
shhhhhhhhhh. don't tell 10,000 of your best friends.
stormpeakco   on Jul 3, 2012
added a review of Hoss Ponderosa

- microfiber "like" material (quiet and not noisy like nylon shorts when grinding up an endless ascent). - many pockets, stay...
stormpeakco   on Jun 18, 2012
added a review of Smuggler Road

Yeah this is a rocky, not overtly technical (not more than moderate. I'm an ole man and ride a Moots...
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