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philm26   on Jan 20, 2020
started a topic: Tough choices
Hi All, After some advice, looking at a do it all trail bike, will only have 1 so needs to be able to cope. I'm no downhill deamon or enduro racer but I...
philm26   on Jan 15, 2020
replied to Can a 26er be saved
Thanks all, I was leaning towards a new bike. Who doesn't want a new bike :-) I was going to do the work myself, I've been building bikes for years so the labour isn't...
philm26   on Jan 14, 2020
started a topic: Can a 26er be saved
Hi All, I've got an old Specialized XC Pro from 2005. It has the the Fox Triad Float and Mnitou Splice elite 100mm Shocks. I switched to road not long after getting it so...
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