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Pedaldude   on Dec 24, 2019
added 3 photos.
Pedaldude   on Dec 8, 2019
added 1988 Raleigh Technium
Aluminum and steel bonded frame. Monostay Wishbone on the rear and chain stay mounted brakes. Rigid steel fork with cantilever...
Pedaldude   on Dec 7, 2019
updated Papago Park Area conditions to Good
Pedaldude   on Dec 7, 2019
replied to Gloves without annoying seams
One old school trick for plain leather gloves is to wear them inside out. Tillman makes excellent welding gloves that work for cycling and can be found for around ten dollars on sale....
If the frame has English threaded BB. I believe you can get outboard bearing cups that are compatible with the hollowtech style two piece cranks. The only question then is the Q...
Pedaldude   on Dec 7, 2019
replied to Fully Rigid
Just dragging out an old Raleigh Technium rigid from 1987 because the forks on all my other bikes are toast and I can't find the parts. It has cantilever brakes that aren't all...
Pedaldude   on Dec 7, 2019
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
I can't even remember the brand. It was a dept. store Taiwanese rigid MTB with 80's highlighter green and pink with black splatter paint. I still have the frame bag on a...
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