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The purpose of this account is to do research for a school Project related to engineering a solution to a specific problem. I will be creating forum threads with various questions to hopefully get a better scope of some of the worst/ most inconvenient/ important problems that can be solved through relatively basic technology and design. I appreciate any imput that anyone adds, and I value all fo your opinions

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Jackridesbikes_   19 hours ago
started a topic: Stanchion/ Frame/ Component Protection
Hello again everyone! As a continuation of my school project, I have to collect some statistics/ market research for the product viability of a new form of protection for mountain bikes. If you...
Jackridesbikes_   on Oct 16, 2019
started a topic: What Riders Want From Their Gloves
Hello Everyone, I am doing a school project in which I have to come up with a problem, research the problem, and then come up with a solution with prototypes and an example...
Jackridesbikes_   on Oct 15, 2019
added 2018 Norco Torrent HT 1
plus size 27.5" hardtail with 140mm of DVO suspension
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