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Dkub84   2 weeks ago
replied to Need sunglasses suggestion
Personally I don't like Oakleys, ive had a couple pairs and have not been happy with the quality of the lenses. They always seem to have a blurry tint, I've exchanged the...
Dkub84   3 weeks ago
replied to best bike watches?
<p style="text-align: center;">I have the Garmin Instinct.</p> Best thing about it is that it is simple with buttons instead of a touch screen. It's battery lasts forever, like a couple weeks without charge....
Dkub84   on Jun 14, 2019
replied to Sea Otter racism
Dkub84   on Jun 13, 2019
replied to Sea Otter racism
Calling someone racist because they have different views than your ideas is political. This site is about riding not your personal political beliefs! Keep your political attack comments on the news forums with...
Dkub84   on Jun 11, 2019
replied to Sea Otter racism
Keep your politics off my trail!!!
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