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Nematon785   on Jun 18, 2019
replied to Need sunglasses suggestion
Drop them down your nose a tad on climbs. Air gap avoids fogging.  Keep high percentage deet bugspray away from sunglasses. I take em off on the climbs. Clean at the top...
Nematon785   on Jun 18, 2019
replied to Easier climbing
I find technical climbing is engaging and the focus makes me forget the suffering. A long fire road is my worst enemy. It is easy to begin hunting for the solution to...
Nematon785   on May 28, 2019
replied to 1x11 or 2x10 preference
I run 2x9 on my old reliable hardtail. Took off the shifter and FD and just swap by hand between waterbottle swigs at the top. Cannot stand the racket from chain...
Disclaimer: Opinion coming... I do not agree that crashing is synonymous with improving skill. Crashes should be rare occurances. Yes they will happen, but crash avoidance is actually high level mountain biking. Self control and skill/ability assessment is key to long term survival in this sport. Much like boxing, getting knocked out does not do…
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