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Joe_K   2 weeks ago
commented on Listen: Mountain Bike Racing Tips
I'm not a serious racer but I do race a couple times a year and I'm always looking to up my game so to speak. I like the endurance races but races like the cough potato are a real blast to just have fun. A couple of years ago I wanted to race the cough…
Joe_K   on Mar 17, 2019
spec'd a bike: Ellsworth Absolute Truth
Joe_K   on Mar 17, 2019
commented on Podcast: Mountain Bike Wheels, Explained
hey, good pod cast on wheels. One thing about size, I'm a small rider, ride a size small frame and for me 27.5's just seem fit me better. That is frames that run 27.5's. As I'm sure you know some frame manufactures like Norco spec their size small's w/ 27.5's and medium though large with…
Joe_K   on Mar 16, 2019
replied to Reader Bike Checks
Here's my Ellsworth Absolute Truth at last years Brutal loop at Mulberry  Gap. I love this bike, the red frame with carbon weave looks like artwork. I gave it the reverse mullet...
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