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Kansas City is pretty close to northwest Arkansas,  so if you have time, you should really come check out the trails here. Some recommendations: - Coler Mountain Bike Preserve (Hardcore) - The Back 40 (Endless...
dmcondolora   on Oct 1, 2019
replied to Beginner Help
I'm just a home mechanic (with a stained copy of Zinn's book), so my advice isn't going to be too detailed. But it sounds like your derailleur needs to be adjusted. I...
Wow, I'm very impressed with the $1300 model. Similarly spec'd models from other manufacturers are typically much closer to $2000. Will be keeping an eye on this brand.
After enjoying a quick session on some fairly tame local downhill trails, I went for one last run before heading home to get ready for a business appointment. On that last run,...
Well rats, I shall correct myself—Eureka Springs was one of three North America qualifiers for the EWS. :( Nothing to see here!
Just wanted to point out that as much as I love CA, the subhead wasn't quite right, as it wasn't the only US location for the EWS this year—Eureka Springs, AR had a stop in May. ;)
Monument Trails at Hobbs State Park in northwest Arkansas! Some really excellent new trail in a truly beautiful area. More coming soon.
dmcondolora   on Jun 25, 2019
replied to Looking at entry level full suspension
The Diamondback Atroz 3 has a really great spec for a full-suspension bike, especially priced at $1400. Only real compromise is that it's a single-pivot design, which means there will be some...
dmcondolora   on Apr 19, 2019
replied to Body protection
After washing out and getting 15 stitches on my right shin, I decided it was time for some knee/shin guards. I picked these up, because they were super cheap and offered good...
dmcondolora   on Mar 15, 2019
spec'd a bike: Trek Y-3
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