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Loved this one! I’m inspired to finally take nutrition seriously! I also love how Keri calls out bikers on their underdeveloped posteriors. Honestly, one day before this episode aired I was expressing to my wife after a run that I don’t know what it feels like to have my gluts activated. ?
Love this discussion! I also injured myself this summer and had time to reflect. I think there’s a misunderstanding when mountain biking presenters say that the sport is all about “progression”. I had interpreted that as needing to ride features that scare me. Now I know that a better approach is to ride features that…
I think E bikes are too fast. It seems to me that passing on singletrack trails is the root of trail user conflict. More passing equals an increased perception of trail congestion, danger, and annoyance, and you get more passing when trail users are traveling at dramatically different speeds. I think we’re inviting more conflict…
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