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Trying to find a way to deal with the Wisconsin winters through biking. Prefer to leave the state for somewhere warmer in winter.
The description above is pretty much off the ICAN website.  There are some things worth mentioning about the frame.   I am currently building up the frame using the components from my Salsa...
JMZ   on Oct 30, 2019
replied to Mountain bike upgrades
All good advice from vets.  I will throw in one idea.  For me, the biggest advancement in mtb is the 1x drive train.  Makes more difference on a single track than almost...
JMZ   on Oct 30, 2019
replied to looking for anfull sus, asking for advice.
Ok, here's my 2 cents (or pence?):   If you start to enjoy biking like most of us, your inexpensive bike will soon be inadequate and you will spend every dollar on more...
When I was a kid every bike was a gravel bike. There is nothing more comfy than a XC bike with smooth tires for a gravel bike.  However, the guys that race the...
I have some less expensive ones which look similar. They were fool proof in Vegas as I fell off several times. Not a scratch. The most important aspect of knee protection is actually putting it on. I often leave them off when riding less aggressive/rocky trails but I know it's a mistake.
In Wisconsin the season is short so there is rarely an excuse not to ride. Although our local trails in Green Bay drain pretty well, I would rather have to repair the trail than miss out on a ride. We can all lend a hand to make better trails.
JMZ   on Nov 12, 2018
replied to Upgrade Specialized Rockhopper 29er
I recently rebuilt my '11 Specialized Stumpy 29.  My favorite upgrade of all was definitely going from 3 x 9 to  1 x 10 gearing.  I tried for a 1x 11 but the gear...
JMZ   on Nov 12, 2018
replied to Shameless MTN BK Project Plug
Interesting set of questions indeed, as per above post.  I take a lot of surveys in my field and I find that some are trying to tell me something rather than ask...
JMZ   on Nov 12, 2018
started a topic: Hydraulic brake trick
I'm new to the forum; first post.   Some of you may already know this but I have a nice trick for the hydraulic brakes if you like a firm break.  We used...
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