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2019 Trek Marlin 6 2019 Trek Farley 9.6
newmoonkoala   on Nov 8, 2018
replied to New to MTB lifestyle
@brad_the_dad and @TK34, I just signed up Aluminum level ($50) for MORC membership. Forward for it already to help/contribute it/the adventure MORC offers. @rmap01, yeah I do have few winter gear accessories. I...
newmoonkoala   on Nov 6, 2018
replied to New to MTB lifestyle
vapidoscar, love your profile picture! lol, yes my workplace do have a shower I can use. I don't plan to bring anything except my lunch/dinner bag to work. :) Brad the Dad and...
newmoonkoala   on Nov 5, 2018
started a topic: New to MTB lifestyle
I just bought two Trek bicycles, 2019 Marlin 6 and 2019 Farley 9.6. I plan to use Marlin 6 as daily commuter and ride Farley on cold weather. There's many singletrack trails...
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