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You need to replace the bearings.  Get a new headset and you'll be good to go.
Matt Cline   on Jul 16, 2019
replied to Albany Pine Bush Trails (purple)
I ride Lippman about once a month.  Its a great concept and set of trails, but its tight.  Great place for the kiddos.  My 10 y/o daughter loves it.  I'm riding a...
deja vu all over again?
Matt Cline   on Jan 16, 2019
replied to Singletracks Homepage Improvements?
I wouldn't mind a better UI for the forum.  I think many more would be willing to post/spend more time on the site if you branched the forum into general topic subsections. ...
I don't care if its MTBers or 3 headed aliens.  If you don't respect the land you use, it WILL go away.
Matt Cline   on Dec 19, 2018
replied to Lost weight by mountain biking?
I respectfully disagree Ridethestash.  I am a biker with a running problem...or a runner with a biking, as always it is all about your own state of fitness, but for me,...
I suffered for a long time with devastating PTSD after getting out of the Marines.  When I finally got back into biking, and running, my MTB literally helped save my life.  I...
Matt Cline   on Dec 11, 2018
spec'd a bike: Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29
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