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Money? Sorry, I'm in it for the glory. : ) Trail surface matters as much as elevation profile. But you can bet, at that angle, it's likely not smooth. Sure, I'd ride it....
pedlr   on May 13, 2019
replied to New Bike Day Dilemma
They could add resale value...
pedlr   on Apr 30, 2019
replied to Trail Hardtails
Understood, halfsquish. I hope that you consider getting a used frame if it opens up more possibilities for you. There is still a nearly-new large Pedalhead on Pinkbike for 900, and it's been...
pedlr   on Apr 30, 2019
replied to Colorado Trail Denver to Durango
You'll have a blast on the CT by yourself. Half the mechanical and bodily issues, no discussion, no complaining, no negotiating bivy's a bargain to my thinking. I always enjoy meeting...
pedlr   on Apr 13, 2019
replied to Trail Hardtails
I was going to make a suggestion, but I realize it’s possible the manufacturer has a weedhead on its payroll. Better play it safe – stick with the drunks.
pedlr   on Apr 13, 2019
replied to Trail Hardtails
Ribbing aside, I would be less constrained by price and just get the HT I truly wanted, which would be steel and not prohibitively more expensive than a cheap frame. If I...
pedlr   on Apr 13, 2019
replied to Riding on horse trails
At the point you were told that it was equestrian-only and you continued anyway, it was no longer an accident. Don't be the rider giving other open space users reason to want...
pedlr   on Apr 13, 2019
replied to Bike stolen at Sea Otter
That really blows – sorry to hear it.
pedlr   on Apr 5, 2019
replied to Long Days in the Saddle
Matt, not so much the heft being what creates that momentum. 29" wheels, ample tires and supple suspension keep me moving forward on rough climbs – despite the added weight. Bikes with...
pedlr   on Apr 4, 2019
replied to Tarp Shelters and rain
Lots of bivy bag-like options, but a bivy bag is for surviving a storm, not for sleeping. One night in a good storm in one and you'll see why. Condensation is an...
pedlr   on Apr 1, 2019
replied to Tarp Shelters and rain
I think the freestanding UL tents are now good and light enough to not consider a tarp-like solution in potential weather. ZH=DB
Looking good, Dave Lash. At least the bike is US-made...
As if Marin County was some kind of MTB destination. So many other good venues in proxy; it's not even close to being on my radar. Birthplace of MTB? Zzzzz, who cares...
pedlr   on Mar 29, 2019
replied to Long Days in the Saddle
XC race bikes are not designed for comfort, but for going fast. More bike weight does not absolutely equal unsuitability for all-day riding. I use a 32-lb bike with a coil shock...
pedlr   on Mar 23, 2019
replied to Looking for Beginner Trails in Denver
Right on, Thrust. I'm just visiting, so not too hip to the Denver scene. I bring in beer to my home shop, and we drink them on location. : ) There is much reason...
pedlr   on Mar 21, 2019
replied to Looking for Beginner Trails in Denver
Hey, Thrust, it's still a little muddy most places, but I have to second the advice to get an app on your phone. Trailforks, like MTBProject, is free and works via the...
pedlr   on Dec 20, 2018
replied to Singletracks Homepage Improvements?
Thanks for checking in and for keeping a tidy house!
It's a short story: Outdoor activities keep me whole, so I do them regularly.
pedlr   on Dec 11, 2018
replied to FS bike weight - today's standards
The range is wide with over 10 lbs variance between light bikes set up light to heavier bikes set up for more aggro terrain and riding. I know there's a certain trivial aspect...
What Mitch said: It gets easier, faster and far less messy when you've done it a few times. Judging tubeless by installation only is being short-sighted. You can't know how much aggravation in...
pedlr   on Oct 17, 2018
replied to USA MTB Trails- October?
Moab, Utah. For California, I'd say Lake Tahoe, but the mornings can be cold in October.
Thought of this thread last time out in the dark... How does one wear a headlamp with a helmet on? What kind of headlamp makes a rider feel like a bobblehead? I have...
pedlr   on Oct 12, 2018
replied to Sanity check
A "ride what you got" guy would ride what he's got. Fix your bike, man!
pedlr   on Oct 3, 2018
replied to Best MTB routes across the US?
You could take a small chunk of the Great Divide, Colorado Trail or AZ Trail and call it a classic, easy ride. There would be, literally, dozens upon dozens of possible "classic...
pedlr   on Oct 2, 2018
replied to Singletracks survey -> get free stickers
No hassle at all : )
pedlr   on Oct 2, 2018
replied to Aggressive Hardtails! Lets see 'em
Interesting concept. Some riders prefer the redundancy of multiple lights. It's a mission-critical item that one really can't have failing, whether due to the unit itself, user error or a crash. As modus...
pedlr   on Sep 14, 2018
replied to Bad crash
Matt, that makes sense. I'm sure she's a nice person – just noting what looked like an elementary error that precipitated the crash. I hope she is back in action and having...
"...only way to do Monarch Crest now is to self shuttle." Negative. Park at the bottom of FC and ride/walk up the dirt road to the Crest, over and down. Quite do-able for any...
Why not ride it as a loop? I don't think it's enough of a ride to justify shuffling about with cars. Save your thumbing for Agate Creek, etc.
pedlr   on Sep 1, 2018
replied to New rider
Agree: 1) better bikes and components are worth extra money; 2) the most important thing is to start riding. Have fun getting into it!
pedlr   on Sep 1, 2018
replied to Bad crash
Amazing lack of technique for a pro rider.
pedlr   on Aug 30, 2018
replied to One Line Advice Thread
Safety first!
pedlr   on Aug 30, 2018
replied to Advice please
You landed a school of lunkers – well played! : D
pedlr   on Jul 18, 2018
replied to Going Knee Pads - POC, Dakine or TLD?
I have both the 2.0 and the Air, and spent a lot of time with the Airs. I find them relatively comfy for pedaling. It’s a decent pad that can take an...
pedlr   on Jul 18, 2018
replied to Noneed2hate from Oceanside, CA
Noneed, good to be fired up about something good for you. Awesome... If you wanna hit the OC goods, there’s always something brewing at IMTBtrails forum. It’s pretty OC centric but members hail...
pedlr   on Jul 18, 2018
replied to Single Speed Road Trip!
Excellent! Thanks for the link; enjoy it for all its worth!
For 29er HT, Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead is a slayer. Steel, super low standover, threaded BB, 275+ optional, fits 29 x2.6 easily. US made in Denver. 120-140 fork; I’ve run 3 forks on...
Swerve, good stuff. Thanks for reminding... I’ll prop Los Pinos Peak for having the most technical ways off and no roads. If you’re there, you’re gonna drop LP Ridge, Bell Ridge or Yeager...
You can get more bike going with used, but it’s not necessary. Even low end builds and cheaper bikes are pretty good now. Rent or demo a squish and hardtail bike and see...
White Mountain Peak 14k’ in Ancient Bristlecone Forest would have to be in there.
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