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pedlr   3 weeks ago
replied to Going Knee Pads - POC, Dakine or TLD?
I have both the 2.0 and the Air, and spent a lot of time with the Airs. I find them relatively comfy for pedaling. It’s a decent pad that can take an...
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pedlr   3 weeks ago
replied to Noneed2hate from Oceanside, CA
Noneed, good to be fired up about something good for you. Awesome... If you wanna hit the OC goods, there’s always something brewing at IMTBtrails forum. It’s pretty OC centric but members hail...
pedlr   3 weeks ago
replied to Single Speed Road Trip!
Excellent! Thanks for the link; enjoy it for all its worth!
For 29er HT, Guerrilla Gravity Pedalhead is a slayer. Steel, super low standover, threaded BB, 275+ optional, fits 29 x2.6 easily. US made in Denver. 120-140 fork; I’ve run 3 forks on...
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Swerve, good stuff. Thanks for reminding... I’ll prop Los Pinos Peak for having the most technical ways off and no roads. If you’re there, you’re gonna drop LP Ridge, Bell Ridge or Yeager...
You can get more bike going with used, but it’s not necessary. Even low end builds and cheaper bikes are pretty good now. Rent or demo a squish and hardtail bike and see...
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White Mountain Peak 14k’ in Ancient Bristlecone Forest would have to be in there.
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