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Raleigh // North Carolina

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Gator   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
Gator   on Nov 17, 2005
added 2 photos.
Taken by my bud HeadKase (and his Kona) on Far Reaches at Govt Canyon
Gator   on Nov 12, 2005
added Op Schnabel Park
This park has a lot of rocky terrain. There is even a homemade BMX style area where you can fly...
Gator   on Nov 10, 2005
added Flat Rock Ranch
They have 28 miles of existing single track with some jeep trails. The trails lead through typical hill country terrain...
Gator   on Nov 10, 2005
added McAllister Park
The trails vary from rocky to...well rocky. The trails are very fast but we share most of them with joggers....
Gator   on Nov 10, 2005
added 3 photos.
Me and Charles at Rocky Hill Ranch
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