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DDDonny   on Aug 13, 2012
added a comment on Cinema Sunday: "Finding Flow"
DDDonny   on Feb 24, 2012
added a comment on How To Carry More Speed Through Turns
Great article, thanks for posting!
DDDonny   on Aug 30, 2011
added a review of Kickapoo

Illinois is underrated as far as elevation changes we may have! But for the terrain we do have, our mountain...
DDDonny   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
DDDonny   on Aug 1, 2006
added Nicolet Nat'l Forest
Because this trail system is relatively new, the trail hasn't been officially named, yet. The trail consists of two out...
DDDonny   on Oct 2, 2005
added 5 photos.
DDDonny   on Oct 1, 2005
added Fort Custer Recreation Area
There are three trails which are marked and maintained. Red (Expert to Intermediate), Green (Intermediate with some Expert), and Blue...
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