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santa cruz // California

Yep. This marketing gear percentage BS SRAM created to calculate gearing is a clever lie. Percentage of what? Here's the high and low expressed in gear inches: 1x 30 with a 12 speed 10/50 - 18.6 low and 93.2 gear 2x with 24/36 front and an 11 speed 11/40 - 17.5 low and 95.3 high…
Thanks for the great write up!
Have a look at a gear inch calculator sometime, the front derailleur is by no means dead, and fortunately Shimano has continued to make a commitment to producing them. If a ride profile has any kind of really varied terrain, like Tour Divide, a double up front is a godsend.
Great bit of writing. I have a [now, after many years as a flat bar] drop bar 29er that does everything well enough that it's my go too on nearly every ride.
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