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Typical married dad. Love the outdoors and biking. Really enjoy trail riding seeing creation. Fitness and health are important to me.
I know! lets take a skilled rider, give him many takes to get it right and put a video together featuring a road bike with slightly fatter tires. We will call it a gravel bike? or no wait maybe a cyclocross bike? no wait.....well whatever it is we can try to convince riders that they…
awilds   on Sep 7, 2019
commented on 1x9 and Feeling Fine
I'm looking to upgrade my 1x9 drive train to have more gears I've been looking at this 11x40T cassette.
awilds   on Sep 7, 2019
commented on 1x9 and Feeling Fine
I have a a bike I recently got that has a 1 x 9 drivetrain. It's fairly new so I don't want to spend a lot of money right away on it. It has a sram x5 rear derailleur and a 11x32 cassette. I want to upgrade the cassette to at least a 11x40 can…
awilds   on Dec 18, 2017
added a review of Mala Compra

This trail great. I took my wife who is a beginner and stayed on the red trail. It was beautiful....
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